Fairy Light Tree

Modern installations of fairy light tree in public life.

Light has always fascinated people, especially in the dark season. like the fairy light tree,Until the invention of electricity, the raw materials for it were scarce, especially for poor people. Light houses were held during Advent to gather together around the brightness and warmth. Publicly, craft guilds delighted people with the first Christmas tree lighting in marketplaces or in front of their stores. The bigger a decorated Christmas tree was, the more people of such communities flocked to it. Especially since the custom of lighting it as well, the fascination of such a sight seemed to multiply. From this arose the habit in Christian-oriented countries and regions of decorating offices and authorities, business districts and stores with strings of lights. The popularity of these eye-catching lights, especially during the Christmas season, continues unabated to this day. Many administrative buildings are transformed with the help of LED chain installations from the 01. December until December 24 or (especially in Catholic regions) until January 06 in Advent calendars or witch houses. For this purpose, the windows and balconies as well as front facades are simply provided with light cloaks or light curtains made of economical LED illuminants. Whole shopping arcades shine in the evening from stars and strings or Christmas symbolic figures. For some years now, the joy of small lamps in a row arrangement has been spurred on by competitions both in Germany and internationally. For this purpose, juries award prizes to installations placed primarily outdoors. These usually depict Christmas fairy tale scenes or the family Christmas Eve. From public design, this very young Advent custom has now also moved into private households. Especially outdoors, artistic combinations of colored light chains fascinate passers-by and residents. Thus with few Lämpchen the entrance becomes much better illuminated invitation. Shrubs and hedges look alive with it despite the actual resting phase. Even a box tree awakens to a brief, fairy-tale life under a mantle of many LED lights.  

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